(VIDEO) Ukrainian Ministry of Defense contracts "Wolly" remote weapon systems

The Ministry of Defense has concluded a contract for remotely controlled weapons systems "Wolly", manufactured by the Ukrainian company "DevDroid".

The information was announced by Yuri Poritsky, the founder of the company.

The Ukrainian arms company received a government order to supply the Wolly RWS to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the contract, the order for 40 systems should be completed by July this year.

According to Poritsky, the cost of the system, which includes a robotic dome and control panel, reaches $10.000.

"This is actually the cost of a machine gun's life in the line of fire," Poritsky notes. He added that in the event of damage to the dome, a replacement system can be purchased for $5.000.

Currently, the Ukrainian military is already using robotic defense systems on the front line. The company supplies the systems to the 3rd Strike Brigade at its own expense.

The turret is designed to mount 7,62 mm machine guns, including Soviet PKTs.

The system operator can manage them at a distance of up to 100 meters.

The module is controlled via a tablet and a gamepad. It can work autonomously for 130 hours and weighs 30 kg.

According to the developers, "Wolly" can be permanently installed in a trench with a control cable.

A neural network is integrated into the combat system of the equipment, which automatically calculates the distance to the object and ballistics, which increases the accuracy of fire.

The manufacturers also claimed to have the ability to recognize targets.

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