(VIDEO) Ukrainian forces managed to capture an intact Russian tank "turtle"

Ukrainian forces captured a specimen of the strange Russian "turtle tank".

Footage circulating online shows the unique modified vehicle, which is characterized by its large, metal superstructure that resembles a turtle shell.

This structure is designed to protect them from drone strikes and shrapnel during their attacks.

The tank was initially immobilized at the front before being seized by Ukrainian soldiers.

The shell, which is very reminiscent of a turtle shell, provides some defense against lighter armed drones and shrapnel, it offers minimal protection against heavier weapons and anti-tank grenades.

Such projectiles can easily penetrate the metal shell and cause serious damage to the vehicle.

The released footage shows Ukrainian soldiers climbing into the metal superstructure and detaining two Russian soldiers trapped inside the vehicle.

The tank, which is now a trophy, has been transferred to Ukrainian positions. Reports suggest that the armored vehicle and its crew were captured by the 22nd Special Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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