(VIDEO) Ukrainian forces attacked Russian positions in Mykolaiv with a naval drone

The Ukrainian Defense Forces used a naval drone to target Russian ground positions in the Mykolaiv region.

Russian media reported that a naval drone launched shells at Russian positions near Kinburn.

The released footage shows an unmanned Ukrainian ship firing missiles at Russian positions.

The launcher is mounted on top of the naval drone. The drone launched at least 6 shells at once.

The Ukrainians probably installed a launcher for unguided air-to-ground munitions on the vessel.

With the help of such mobile naval missile launchers, the defense forces are able to attack Russian targets near the coast of Crimea.

It is possible that one of the targets will be Russian planes at Crimean airports as well as warehouses with military equipment.

Ukrainian naval drones have undergone very rapid development over the past year.

In late 2023, it was revealed that the Navy's Sea Baby drones were equipped with missile launchers.

In May, Ukraine began using naval drones with anti-aircraft missiles in combat operations. The naval drones were equipped with R-73 air-to-air missiles.

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