(VIDEO) Ukrainian tank survived a direct hit from a Russian Krasnopol laser guided missile

The Ukrainian military showed the consequences of a direct hit by a Russian laser-guided 152 mm missile on the turret of the M-55S tank.

The event took place during the Battle of Cremina in July 2023.

Russian propagandists released a video showing live footage of the impact of the combat vehicle, claiming it had been destroyed.

However, the Ukrainian tank withstood the blow and was able to leave the position on its own.

The tank crew survived and managed to get the tank to safety.

Almost a year later, Andrei Tarasenko released detailed images of the tank's turret and combat compartment, along with the aftermath of a Russian missile strike.

A 152 mm high-explosive artillery shell hit the joint, causing a huge "hole".

As a result of the impact, the cannon guidance drives and their attachment points, as well as the optical devices, were damaged.

These optical devices are likely not replaceable due to the lack of spare parts, which is attributed to the uniqueness of the vehicle.

Given the relatively good condition of the tank, it can be converted into an armored vehicle for evacuation or other tasks.

Such modest consequences of a direct missile hit are due to its design.

"M-55S" is a modernization of the Soviet tank "T-55", which was developed in the 1940-50s.

Slovenia developed the combat vehicle in the late 1990s as part of a joint project between the Slovenian company STO RAVNE and Israel's Elbit.

The armored protection of the combat vehicle was reinforced with Israeli elements of the "Blazer" dynamic protection was installed on the tower and the frontal part of the hull.

In Ukraine, it also received embedded elements of reactive armor "Kontakt-1" and slat armor on the rear of the hull.

Judging by the chronicle of the combat engagement, the Ukrainian army tries not to bring these vehicles into direct contact with the enemy.

This is due to their weak protection, which even with reactive armor is not able to withstand the direct impact of modern anti-tank ammunition.

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