VIDEO| One of the attackers of the Kosovo police was killed

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The Kosovo Police announced that, according to the information so far, one of the attackers who clashed with its members in the village of Banjska was killed.

On its official Facebook page, the Kosovo police said that the situation in the north of Kosovo, in the village of Banjska, is still tense and that, as stated, criminal groups from time to time attack police units in the field with firearms.

"Police units, according to the situation and the danger of sporadic attacks by criminal groups, in defense of themselves and the citizens of the area, were forced to react to criminal groups, where according to the information so far, one of the attackers was killed," the statement said.

The Kosovo police state that a significant number of professional attackers are masked and dressed in different uniforms, that they are armed with heavy weapons, guns and have an armored vehicle.

The Pristina media, referring to their sources, report that four attackers died in the attack on members of the Kosovo police, and the possibility that the attackers were members of the "Wagner group" is not excluded, but the Beta agency could not get confirmation of this information from the institutions. Pristina.

At the press conference, Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti showed a video of people armed with heavy weapons, who with six vehicles without license plates and one armored vehicle, in camouflage uniforms, entered the Banjska monastery, where they are still present.

He said that they were surrounded by members of the special forces of the Kosovo Police and that he called on them to surrender.

Immediately before the announcement of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, the Diocese of Raško-Prizren announced that a group of armed masked persons entered the Banjska monastery in an armored vehicle, breaking through the locked gate of the monastery.

Kosovo Interior Minister Jellal Svechlja said that from time to time attacks on the Kosovo police in the north of the country continue from various positions, and that a large number of attackers are barricaded in the Orthodox monastery in Banjska, in the area of ​​northern Kosovo inhabited by a majority Serb population. where the murder took place, and that it is confirmed by official announcements by itself and the Diocese of Raško-Prizren.

He says that the attackers - according to him "organized and directed criminal groups from Belgrade" - are surrounded by the Kosovo police and he ordered them to surrender.

- Well-organized and directed criminal groups from Belgrade, after blocking the bridge with heavy vehicles and preventing access to the village of Banjska, ambushed the police units, during which police sergeant Afrim Bunjaku was killed, and two other policemen were injured and their condition is stable, wrote Svechlja on his Facebook.

According to Kosovo's interior minister, "the attack came and is still going on from prepared professional units with a composition of over 30 people."

According to Svechlja, we are talking about uniformed, masked and military-equipped persons with armored vehicles and heavy weapons of various types.

The President of the National Assembly, Vladimir Orlić, responded to Pristina's accusations, who stated that Kurti "was the first to rush to accuse the Serbs", and the President of Serbia, Aleksanr Vucic, is expected to speak at around 20 pm tonight.

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