(VIDEO) Turkey launched a cruise missile from a drone

Turkey has successfully test-fired the Çakır cruise missile, demonstrating its ability to accurately engage targets from the Bayraktar Akinci drone.

Roketsan's Çakır cruise missile, unveiled in 2022 for the first time, represents Turkey's latest advancement in missile technology, designed for both land and naval targets.

Equipped with terrain tracking technology, it can fly at low altitudes, enabling efficient navigation over a variety of terrains.

In addition, its real-time mission flexibility allows for route updates, target changes or mission cancellations during flight.

Weighing 275 kg, the missile contains a 70 kg warhead, available in fragmentation, thermobaric or armor variants.

With a range of more than 150 kilometers and a movement speed of 0,75 to 0,85 Mach, it can precisely and effectively neutralize assigned targets.

The "Bajraktar Akinji" drone, known for its payload, can carry two such missiles.

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