VIDEO: A scooter ended up on a parked car in Skopje

Photo: Twitter

The surprises do not stop with the new scooters, which Skopjes have had available for rent since a few days ago.

Videos are shared on social networks, in which vehicles are either destroyed or end up in some waste.

In a new video shared on Instagram, a scooter can be seen left on top of a parked car.

"Scooters are a plastic representation of why we belong to Europe only geographically," reads the post.

A few days ago, the citizens of Skopje received 500 electric scooters parked in several locations around Skopje, but several of them were already damaged by unscrupulous citizens.

A few days ago, videos appeared showing children aged 13-14 breaking electric scooters.

The inappropriate behavior and destruction of the scooters started at the first moment when they became available to the citizens of Skopje, conceived as an ecological and practical means of urban transport.

In addition to the destruction and vandalism, citizens these days also reacted to leaving the scooters scattered everywhere - from bicycle paths and pedestrian crossings, to construction sites and private yards.

PHOTO: They have already started destroying electric scooters in Skopje, one ended up in a container

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