VIDEO | Three decades without the basketball "Mozart", today the world lost the great Dražen Petrović

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Today, exactly 30 years have passed since the traffic accident in Inglostadt, Germany, in which one of the best European basketball players in history tragically lost his life. Drazen Petrovic.

Today, the basketball world remembers the legend of this sport, the "Mozart" of basketball, who died tragically on June 7, 1993 in a car accident in Germany.

The accident happened on the highway in Inglostad, where the car driven by Drazen's girlfriend, Clara hit a truck, Drazen died at the scene of the accident. The news of the great tragedy traveled around the world like lightning, basketball lost one of the best players of this sport. His girlfriend and another passenger who was in the car escaped with only injuries.

Dražen was born in Šibenik in 1964, and in this city he started playing basketball, where he first showed his amazing talent. He played in the finals of the Radivoje Korac Cup with his native Šibenik in 1982 and 1983, and then won the title of champion of Yugoslavia, which was later awarded to Bosnia on the "green table". Then he left for Cibona where he stood on the throne of Europe for two seasons in a row (1985 and 1986).

He stayed in Cibona until 1988, when he transferred to Real Madrid, and then, as expected, he played in the NBA league. He first defended the colors of Portland (1989-1991), and then New Jersey, where he was the best scorer.

When it comes to the representative career, with Yugoslavia in 1989 he became the champion of Europe and the best player of the championship, and a year later he also won the title of world champion. After the breakup of the country with Croatia, he played in the final of the Olympic Games, against the famous American team led by Michael Jordan.

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