VIDEO: Tragic scenes from Gaza, children under rubble, Red Cross says civilian suffering unbearable

Photo: Twitter

The President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Mirjana Shpoljaric is visiting Gaza in an attempt to alleviate the intolerable consequences of the conflict for civilians, the organization announced today.

As announced, the ICRC president will call for the protection of civilians in Gaza and respect for the laws of war and will also reiterate the call for the immediate release of the hostages.

"I arrived in Gaza, where the level of human suffering is unbearable. It is unacceptable that civilians have no safe place to go in Gaza. "Also, with the military siege, an adequate humanitarian response is currently not possible," she said.

The ICRC provides materials for health institutions and for the lives of displaced persons, the statement added.

The organization's medical teams also assist in operations on patients at the European Hospital in Gaza.

"We urgently appealed for the lives of civilians on both sides to be protected in accordance with international humanitarian law, and today I repeat that appeal," Shpoljaric said.

In the meantime, terrible rescue scenes from Gaza are published on social networks, where people are being pulled out from under the ruins, but their fate is unknown.

Children are traumatized, parents run to hospitals with the slightest hope of saving their babies.

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