VIDEO: A tornado in Santorini overturned an entire house, the residents were terrified

Tornado / Photo: Printscreen

A video has surfaced on social network TikTok showing a house in Karterados on Santorini, Greece being overturned by strong winds.

The locals, as can be heard in the video, could not believe their eyes when they saw the strong wind lifting and overturning the neighbors' house.

Eyewitnesses who captured this incredible video say that the house was empty and luckily there were no victims in this incident.


Δυνατός Αιμος today 28 September 2023 σίκωσε σον άρος λυόμενο της τον Καρτεραδο Σαντορινης σημακως χωρις θυματα.#foryou #fu #ekloges2023 #santorinigreece #fyp

♬ original sound – Καλούδης Θεόδωρος

Greek firefighters evacuated more than 3.000 people between Tuesday and Wednesday. After the storm, landslides were triggered in Greece, and roads were destroyed.

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