VIDEO | "You are the best mother in the world": Severina received emotional congratulations from her son and her mother for her 52nd birthday

Photo: Instagram/Severina

The Croatian singer Severina Vuckovic yesterday she celebrated her 52nd birthday, and on that occasion she shared an emotional video with her Instagram followers in which her family and friends congratulate her on her birthday.

"Family and friends are not something to take for granted. They are there in good times and bad, although in good times anyone can be. But heroes are recognized in bad times... The heroes of this video are the ones who saw me in all my 'lights', but they were my light and the stars I had to look to.

They only wished me the best wishes in this video, but I have one wish for my next birthday – tell me stories of when I've been bad. Life is a variety of not only happy, but also bad, sad moments. It makes life richer with all the feelings," Severina wrote in the description of the video.

Among others, Severina received a congratulatory message from her son Alexander and her mother Anna.

"Mom, happy birthday." You are the best mom in the world and I love you very much," said her son Alexander in the video.

"My dear daughter, I wish you all the best in life for your 52nd birthday. Let's keep living like this. Thank you for everything you do for me. I wish you to be the happiest mother in the world," said her mother Anna.

The singer also received congratulations from Matija Vujica, Davor Grgin, Sonja Dvornik, Philip Miletic and many other.

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