VIDEO | "You are Maestro, the greatest genius in the family": Emotional commemoration in honor of Alexander Dzambazov

Commemoration of Alexander Dzambazov / Facebook

In honor of Maestro Dzambaz as many called him Alexander Dzambazov, At today's commemoration at the National Opera and Ballet, many of his friends, acquaintances, musicians came to pay their respects to the great musician, a man with a cheerful spirit and a smile.

Commemoration of Alexander Dzambazov / Facebook
Commemoration of Alexander Dzambazov / Facebook

The beginning of the commemoration was opened with strong emotion by musicologist Branka Kostic Markovic.

"Welcome to this promotion, this is not a mistake. "This is not a commemoration, this is a promotion of Dzambazov's work," she said.

Dzambazov died on January 25, at the age of 85, in his Skopje, to which he dedicated the "Song of Skopje", and many other compositions. The man who was synonymous with a digging stick and the spirit of the children's song for "Golden Nightingale" is gone, but his size will remain. There was also a memorial book at the commemoration, signed by all those who will keep his name written in their memories, in the joy when it was a part of their life and music.

Commemoration of Alexander Dzambazov / Facebook
Commemoration of Alexander Dzambazov / Facebook

The director of ZAMP, Antoaneta Tokovska Kotevska pointed out that 982 copyright works have been duly reported in his file in ZAMP, and as she said, Dzambazov selflessly contributed to the copyright protection, primarily in the presidency of the Union of Composers of Yugoslavia, but also as a long-term member of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of ZAMP.

"There are many definitions of the word gentleman, but gentleman it is difficult to become - that is how you should be born, and few people have such a privilege. Maestro Dzambazov was really that, a born gentleman. Whoever had the privilege of meeting him and whoever touched his kindness will never forget it. We will remember him for his kindness, humor, special charm, genius. Composer, first conductor, man of the Union of Composers of Yugoslavia since 1958. We came here to bow and say a big thank you for every moment, for every word with which he selflessly honored us. "Let them light the way to the ideas, my dear master," said Tokovska Kotevska.

Maestro Jambaz's son, who attended the commemoration from the front lines, along with his sister Tanja, who arrived from the United States, thanked all those present who came to send him away.

- All the love you feel for your favorite, Uncle Aco, maestro Dzambaz, we will continue to keep. He lived in the shadows all his life, but he was the greatest genius in our family. "First I was Anche's husband, then Petre Prlichko's son-in-law, then Tanja and Igor's father. And what am I? "You are Maestro, my Maestro," said Igor at the end of the commemoration organized by MRTV and SOKOM.

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