VIDEO | "Holding eggs suits you better": Severina experienced discomfort on the stage of "Dora"

Photo: Instagram / severina

The singer Severina Vuckovic appeared at the Croatian Eurovision Song Contest - "Dora", where he experienced discomfort on stage due to comments from the other candidates. Videos of this awkward moment for the singer soon went viral on social networks.

Namely, Severina was part of the performance of group "Flight 3" who competed on "Dora". She appeared on stage with a large plush mallet, an association of her decades-long trials that were constantly in the media. All of the group were dressed as chickens, and Severina was dressed in a yellow dress. He also had a large plastic egg with him, which he later offered to the other candidates.

However, the performance was also noticed due to two comments addressed to Severina.

"Is that your egg, Severina?" From the hen queen? Wait, I have another egg... It's not that big, but it will be good", said singer and radio host Sasha Lozar and reached into his pocket to show which egg he meant.

Then contestant Eugene Stjepan Visic answered Severina after giving him an egg.

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"I think holding eggs suits you better than me." Can you do that?", he said, and the singer was speechless.

The court returned her son to Severina: "I will not stop there, I will ask for full custody"

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