VIDEO | Stankovic: Cryptocurrencies do not guarantee anonymity but pseudonymity

Stefan Stankovic, crypto / blockchain currency expert / Photo: Free Press

The third largest cryptocurrency in the crypto industry has failed. It is a financial instrument that aspires to follow a price, in the case of the dollar. "Stable coin should have a constant value equal to the dollar," he said at a morning briefing. Stefan Stankovic, MSc in Business Law, Crypto / Blockchain Currency Specialist.

In this case, there are different cases of Stablecoin, because the whole industry is very young and still being experimented, adds Stankovic.

- Cryptocurrencies are regulated in America, in Europe. It is known which regulatory bodies regulate them. In the United States we have a counterpart to the Securities and Exchange Commission, as in Macedonia. Cryptocurrencies are regulated everywhere in Europe and America, it will take us 20 years to do that. Cryptocurrencies do not guarantee anonymity, but pseudonymity, everything is transparent, all transactions are monitored, says Stankovic.

Watch the whole analysis in the video:

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