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There are modern techniques for preserving joint function that can be applied, such is the technique called intraosseous bioplasty, which delays the death of the bone marrow (IntraOsseous BioPlasty (IOBP®).

Problems related to the bone system are quite common, especially in the elderly population. Some of them refer to serious functional problems related to the hips.

In order to solve problems and facilitate daily activities, there are modern techniques for preserving joint function that can be applied. Such is the technique called intraosseous bioplasty, which delays the death of the bone marrow.

This procedure (IntraOsseous BioPlasty (IOBP®) / Bio Filler) is a biological treatment of bone marrow damage that encourages physiological remodeling and bone repair, effectively relieves pain, improves joint function and delays the development of osteonecrosis of the femoral head. It is performed through decompression of the core and direct application of concentrated bone marrow, with the aim of increasing reduced mobility and relieving constant pain.

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This technique was applied to a 53-year-old female patient with avascular necrosis of the right hip. She complained of pain and limited function of the hip joint. After clinical evaluation and diagnostic imaging, this minimally invasive surgical operation was indicated for her, in order to solve her problem.

"We performed decompression of the hip core with the intraosseous bioplasty technique. It involved drilling a larger hole or several smaller holes in the dead bone of the femoral head (the top of the thigh bone) in order to relieve pressure in the bone. Using this technique, decompression of the core is done with the direct application of stem cells – PRP-concentrate from a bone marrow aspirate using the Arthrex Angel System to stimulate healing. Using bone marrow stem cell aspirate concentrate (BMAC) taken from her bone marrow, it contains growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins, which have been shown to promote bone and soft tissue healing while also reducing symptoms of pain associated with with injuries, tendinitis and arthritis," explained the "Zhan Mitrev" Clinic.

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With this method, the death of the bone marrow (osteonecrosis) is delayed and thus the installation of an artificial hip is avoided.

The team of orthopedists at "Zhan Mitrev" Clinic, led by prof. Dr. Kostantin Mitev, performs these procedures.

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