VIDEO | With the help of artificial intelligence, breast cancer was detected four years before the disease developed

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Hungarian doctors are using artificial intelligence to detect breast cancer four years before the disease develops. Artificial intelligence sees places that doctors are unable to see and detects the risk of developing cancer, say doctors involved in the program.

Breast cancer
Breast cancer / Photo: Pexels/Anna Tarazevich

The process is called computer-aided detection, and with the help of artificial intelligence on mammograms, the places where there is a risk of developing cancer can be noted.

Photo: Pexels / Anna Tarazevich

According to the writings in some of the world's media, the team of doctors noticed that in the same places that were marked by the computer, a few years later the patients developed cancer.

Thus, in one patient, cancer was detected 4 years before it developed.

We are talking about places that cannot be detected by doctors, and after their early detection, medical personnel determine which additional tests should be done for patients to ensure the necessary prevention of further development of the disease.

"This technology can take a closer look at mammograms and identify abnormalities in specific areas that doctors would like to examine in more detail. This is called computer-aided detection and was first used in the 90s, but the technology is improving. There are a number of changes that we are seeing. There are changes that are not tumors. You can't give every patient who has had a mammogram an additional biopsy. This technology helps patients discover the risk," says Dr. Larry Norton "CNN ".

Hungary as a country has an advanced program for breast cancer testing of patients, with around 35.000 tests being carried out annually.

You can watch the video HERE.

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