VIDEO | A photo that shook the world: Tourists harassed teddy bears for taking selfies, and the police caught them

Photo: YouTube/ABC 7 Chicago

The incident happened on Tuesday, April 16, at an apartment complex in Buncombe County, North Carolina. Six people they were filmed pulling the little bears from the branches of the tree, which they were clinging to, all in order to pose for a photo. The six were pulling the two teddy bears, and one even fell out of their hands during the filming.

Immediately after the footage of the incident reached the experts dealing with the protection of wild animals, they immediately went to the field and called police. Among them was biologist Ashley Hobbs, who told ABC 13 News that when she arrived at the tree where people were taking pictures, she found only a bear. Everything was wet and frozen, so it was placed in human care and nursing to recover. Because of this, it is quite possible that they will never be able to return to the wild, because bears that grow up with people then do not want to leave them. Unbelievable, but it is possible that someone ruined the bear's life just to get a nice photo for social networks.

– The bear survived a great traumatic experience. We explained to the people who did it how irresponsible and potentially deadly it is for the bear to be separated from its mother, and especially to pull it from the tree in this way - said Hobbs, reports "Unilad".

Jody Williams, head of Help the Bears of Asheville, is equally concerned.

– All because of the photo. I repeat, because of a photo. I feel so sorry for this little bear and I am disgusted by the selfishness of these people. This is exactly that - selfishness - said Williams.

After the release of the video, many were horrified by what these six people did, and they, in addition to the planetary popularity they did not seek, had to talk to the police about all of this.


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