VIDEO: Snow wreaks havoc at Munich airport, planes stuck on the runway

Snow in Munich paralyzed traffic/Photo: EPA-EFE/ANNA SZILAGYI

More than 760 flights were canceled at Munich Airport on Saturday due to heavy snowfall, which affected much of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

After initially announcing the suspension of air traffic until noon on Saturday, the airport later announced that flights would be canceled until 06:00 on Sunday.

Munich is paralyzed by 40 centimeters of snow, so it has stopped except for air and rail transport.

Other airports in the region, such as Zurich, also announced weather-related flight delays and cancellations.

Meanwhile, bus and tram services and some train lines in Munich were also suspended due to the snow. Munich's main train station was closed to arrivals, while intercity services were completely suspended.

German railways warned that train services would be "severely affected" until Monday.

At the same time, a huge number of passengers were stranded at Munich Central Station.

Police on Saturday asked Munich residents not to use their cars unless absolutely necessary. In some areas of southern Bavaria, residents were even asked not to leave their homes at all because of the weather, CNN reported.

Bavaria's public broadcaster reported Saturday that 44 centimeters of snow in Munich was the heaviest December snowfall on record since 1933.

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