VIDEO | Picasso painting sold for 3,4 million euros at auction

Photo: Instagram/ van_ham_auctions

The image of the famous Pablo Picasso with the title "Bust of a Woman", was put up for sale at the auction in Cologne, Germany, writes "Art Newspaper".

According to the auction house "Van Ham", this is the first time in 25 years that a painting by the great Spanish artist has been sold in Germany.

Namely, at the auction on June 5, the painting was expected to be sold for around 2 million euros, but the offers exceeded all expectations. The bidder from Switzerland gave the highest offer of even 3.4 million euros.

The "Van Ham" auction house declared it the most successful auction, with works sold for a total of 13.9 million euros.

The portrait of a woman, identified by art historians as the portrait of Picasso's second wife, Jacqueline Rock was painted in 1971, two years before his death. In the painting, Picasso depicted Rock, with her thick dark hair and classically Mediterranean facial features. This painting was part of a private collection in Germany, which also had works by famous painters Louise Bourgeois, Paul Klee, Egon Schiele.

Picasso is thought to have created a total of 400 portraits of his wife Rock. They met in 1953, and Rock, who was born in France in 1927, was more than 40 years younger than the artist. They got married after the death of the painter's first wife, Olga Khokhlova.


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