VIDEO | Skopje is starting to suffocate, the red alarm is on

Eli Pesheva / Morning briefing

The red light was lit in several places in the capital on Friday, and according to the data, the most polluted were in Lisice, Centar and Karpos, and Skopje was on the 22nd place on the list of the most polluted cities in the world.

The rain calmed the situation this weekend, but the question is whether this year the citizens will pray for the weather conditions so that they can breathe clean air.

Although in the world the upper limit of pollution is 50 micrograms PM 10 particles per cubic meter, it is 163 in our country and if in two consecutive days the situation is unchanged, the measures for protection of the health of the citizens come into force.

On this topic, take a look at the conversation that Utrinski briefing had with Eli Pesheva from the O2 initiative, which fights for clean air.

Watch the whole conversation in the video

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