VIDEO: An unforgettable jump - Timmy Seitz flew over the ski jump in Willingen with 161 meters


Timmy Zeitz, carried by a strong wind, on the mixed team competition in Willingen, Germany, jumped 161,5 meters.

Seitz was unable to stay on his feet after the incredible jump, which is why it does not count as a new record. He fell, slipped and then grabbed his knee. Fortunately, the information says that the 22-year-old ski jumper from Slovenia has no serious injuries, which was also confirmed his coach Robert Hrgota.

– Very hard competition. Fortunately, all is well with Timmy. We had two great jumps, but I think the competition was stopped too late. Conditions were not safe. I think this may be a warning for the future. Safety must come first, then big jumps - said Hrgota.

The record from 2021 is held by the Pole Clemens Muranka, who jumped 153 meters. The first round of jumps took place in bad weather, with a lot of wind, so the organizers decided not to have a second round. In such conditions, Seitz had to move from the start three times because the runway moved three times.

By the way, the ski jump in Willingen is 130 meters long. Norway eventually won first place with 415 points. Austria was second with 415 points, Germany third with 409,8 points, Japan fourth with 375,8, and Slovenia fifth with 367,4 points.

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