VIDEO | Shkrielj: I hope that the perpetrators of Vanya's murder will suffer the punishment they deserve

Sanela Shkrielj, MP from SDSM/Photo: Sloboden Pechat

"The whole nation and every citizen is shocked and shaken by what we learned yesterday, of a life that was prematurely extinguished. We all hoped that the search would end with positive news. Condolences to the family, classmates and all who loved Vanya. We hope that the perpetrators will bear the punishment they deserve," he said MP from SDSM, Sanela Shkrielj in the morning program of "Sloboden Pechat" in cooperation with "".

She added that violence is present in public space and hate speech has crossed all boundaries in our society and noted that too much media space is given to persons who incite hatred.

"And yesterday we saw how some characters tried to abuse this situation and cause tensions and spread misinformation," Shkrielj said.

The MP noted that there are also debate shows in the country where aggressive communication and debate are encouraged, as opposed to argumentative debating.

"We need to be aware that it sends a message that violent and aggressive behavior is permissible." Hate speech turns into hateful acts. We all have a responsibility in this whole story and expansion of creativity both online and in the real space," said Shkrielj.

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