VIDEO: Shilegov and Georgievski left the debate on MRTV, the filming lasted too long

Debate of the candidates for mayor of Skopje on MRTV / October 15, 2021 / photo: MRT / printscreen

With the explanation that the filming lasts too long and coincides with previously undertaken obligations and plans, the candidate for mayor of Skopje from SDSM, Petre Shilegov, left the debate that was filmed in the afternoon on MRTV, and is broadcast tonight.

Some of the other candidates reacted to Shilegov's move, which was immediately followed by the candidate supported by the Left, Petar Georgievski-Kamikaza, and it was heard that it was an "escape from the debate".

"The filming started at 11 am and lasted longer than agreed, more than two hours, where I apologized to those present because I had to return to my duties as current mayor, unlike other candidates who do not have that obligation during work. time. Not once, whether in the past four years or during the campaign, have I refused to take part in any debate. Debates for me are a democratic act and represent the best presentation of ideas, projects and vision for Skopje, "explained Shilegov.

"If he leaves, I will leave too." said Georgievski, who added that the filming was scheduled for 11 a.m. to 14 p.m. today, so everyone had to respect that date and adjust their responsibilities. Shortly afterwards, The candidate supported by VMRO-DPMNE, Danela Arsovska, also left the debate, but she, like Georgievski, after some time he returned to the studio.

The candidate of "Your Party", Aleksandar Tortevski, also confronted Shilegov, who wanted to give closing words before leaving.

"You are not the boss of this show. If you need to go, go. I know why I stayed. I have a great obligation due to a group of citizens. "You want to keep the word because you need to leave." said Torteski.

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