VIDEO | Whispered friends: American sells picture of Andy Warhol to clone his dog

Photo: Screenshot, The New York Post

When the hairdresser Roberto Novo saw his French bulldog for the first time 15 years ago, it was the love of the first hug, says the New York Post.

Roberto named him Machito and the two became inseparable, so much so that when Machito turned 12, his owner began thinking about cloning the dog.

The hairdresser approached a dog cloning company and gave Machito a DNA sample. Two years later the dog died and Novo decided to continue cloning.

The procedure cost $ 50, but Roberto did not have that amount, so he decided to sell a painting by artist Andy Warhol, which hung on his wall.

"I did not have that amount in my bank account," Roberto said, but he still had the desire to get his dear pawn friend back, stressing that "those fourteen years with him were not enough."

After a while, they called him and told him that the procedure was successful. He now has not one healthy French Bulldog puppy, but four - the cloned Machitu, Toulula and their children, whom he named Pfizer and Moderna.

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