VIDEO | Igor Dzambazov's sister shared a touching announcement: Beautiful times, special man, dad!

Aleksandar Dzambazov, Igor Dzambazov, Tanja Dzambazova / Facebook
Aleksandar Dzambazov, Igor Dzambazov, Tanja Dzambazova / Facebook

The maestro died today Alexander Dzambazov.

Alexander Dzambazov died: Last greetings maestro

The news of his death was officially conveyed by his son and famous actor Igor Dzambazov, who shared a photo of his father on his Instagram account with the words:

"Our MAESTRO has left, quietly and silently, as he lived in the last 25 years… from today, finally with his Anche нека let the memory of you forever be mine, my maestro", wrote Igor.

Last night and Alexander's daughter, Tanja Dzambazova who lives and works in America shared a touching video from her father, a documentary that brings together all the memory and love for Aleksandar Dzambazov and his importance for the culture in Macedonia.

She wrote in the post:

"A wonderful documentary about Dad Aleksandar, a memory of the wonderful days of old Yugoslavia, in which there was love, enthusiasm, smiles and understanding from the state for the importance of music culture… Thank you to everyone who made this documentary, share it with your home, they will be fun. Thank you Ilina Arsova for finding it, it filled my heart and made a big lump in my throat. "Beautiful times, and a special man, Dad."

Rest in peace, Maestro!

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