VIDEO: Glazer family sells Manchester United, experts predict world record


The family Glazer leads him Manchester United for 18 years, American billionaires currently own as much as 69 percent of the ownership stake and are ready to sell it even to minority buyers who would like to become investors.

However, for now it appears that the sale of the whole club is the only option and six more official offers are expected to be submitted by midnight on Wednesday. It is rumored that the Glazers will never sell United unless the offers are high enough. They are asking about seven billion euros for their shares in the club.

There are two main favorites to buy Manchester United. They are the Qatari billionaire and the third son of the Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Yasim bin Hamad al Thani, as well as the billionaire and second richest Briton, Jim Ratcliffe.

The offer of seven billion euros seems too high even for these richest men in the world, but it is reported that the Qatari billionaire could offer more than that just to get the famous English club.

It is estimated that the world record will be broken when it comes to the purchase of a sports club, which is currently held by the Walton.Penner group, which paid about six billion euros for the Denver Broncos NFL team.

Ratcliffe's first offer was five billion euros, and the second is expected to reach around six billion. Sheikh Jassim is ready to buy all of United's ownership, including from minority owners, and has reportedly promised to clear all of the club's debt, which now stands at around half a billion euros. If the Glazers accept any of the offers, United are expected to fall into the hands of new owners before the start of the summer transfer window, so that further capital can be invested in the club.

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