VIDEO | Lila uses a different perfume every day of the week: Take a look at the host's luxury collection

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

Our famous host and influencer shares interesting photos and videos on her Instagram account every day. Food, wonderful destinations, fashion combinations as well as wonderful moments spent with friends and family.

Numerous followers of Lila especially enjoy when the host reveals to them some of the collections of shoes, clothes, cosmetics how her home is decorated as well as the beautiful videos with her cat Rangar.

This time, the host revealed her favorite perfumes to her numerous fans. According to the video, Lila has a special perfume for every day of the week. How does Lila smell every day of the week? We believe magically according to the choice of luxury perfumes.

- A woman without perfume is like an odorless flower, is in the description of the video that the host shared on her Instagram profile…

Watch the video with Lila and her luxury perfume collection HERE.

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