VIDEO | The World Bank renovated the Tetovo hospital with equipment worth 3,5 million euros

Photo: Free Press

The Minister of Health Bekim Sally together with the director of the Tetovo Clinical Hospital Amir Elezi, promoted the new medical equipment intended for the hospital in front of the media. The equipment is provided with money from the World Bank

"It is about the procurement of equipment for 14 public health institutions in the country, among them is the Tetovo Clinical Hospital. It is an investment of 13,6 million euros, of which 3,5 million euros are intended for medical equipment for the Tetovo Clinical Hospital, for which an angiograph, a computer tomography device, a mammograph, two x-ray machines, six echo diagnostic machines were provided. and two mobile x-ray machines. Some of them are in the installation phase, and the devices for echo diagnostics have already been released. The mobile x-ray machines, as well as the new mammograph, are ready for use. "During the next week, there will be staff training on how to use these devices, and then they will be put into use," Minister Sali said.

The director of the Tetovo Clinical Hospital, Amir Elezi, thanked for the equipment, which was more than necessary.

"There was a huge lack of equipment and the equipment we had was outdated, ambulances were borrowing them, patients were waiting a lot, and doctors were working with old equipment. This equipment was necessary for us to function as a Clinical Center. I believe that soon all the devices will be put into use, said the director of the Tetovo Clinical Hospital, Amir Elezi.

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