VIDEO | Scandalous move by Doncic in the defeat of Dallas

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Last night in the strongest basketball league, the Balkan stars were in the center of attention, and he stood out in particular Luka Doncic with a scandalous gesture that could earn him a serious suspension.

In a game with a dramatic ending, Dallas was defeated by Golden State with 125:122. With 1.7 seconds left, Doncic had an attempt to score and force a foul from Draymond Green. But Doncic, apart from missing a shot, did not receive a foul.

Such a decision of the judges angered the Slovenian basketball player, so he sent a gesture associated with money to the scorer's table, alluding that the judges were paid against them. Such moves are strictly prohibited and Doncic may face a serious punishment.

Otherwise, the numbers in the game for Doncic were excellent again, he scored 30 points and added 17 assists and seven rebounds. He was the most effective in Golden State Kuminga with 22 points, a Steph Curry scored 20 points and added 13 assists.

He also reached the double-double Nikola Jokic in Denver's loss to Washington. Jokic finished the game with 31 points and 12 rebounds, making him the best player on the field. At Washington, Porzingis scored 25 points.

NBA RESULTS: Washington - Denver 104-118, Dallas - Golden State 125-127, Miami - New York 127-120, Toronto - Indiana 114-118, Chicago - Philadelphia 91-116, Memphis - Houston 130-125, Milwaukee - San Antonio 130-94, Minnesota – Atlanta 125-124, Utah – Portland 115-127, LA Lakers – Phoenix 122-111.

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