VIDEO: Russian teenager tried to escape from the police, created chaos in the streets

Russian police / Photo: Profimedia

An incredible incident took place on December 1 on Pushkin Street in the Russian city of Volzhsky. Traffic police officers noticed a blackened car. The driver did not respond to the request to stop and continued driving. The police went in pursuit. The driver made risky maneuvers, endangering other drivers in traffic, broadcast by TV Zvezda.

During the chase, the policeman shot at the wheels of the perpetrator's car. The driver stopped and tried to escape, but was arrested.

"Employees of the Traffic Police Service of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Russian Interior Ministry have detained a driver who posed an environmental threat to the city of Volzhsky," said Irina Volk, a spokeswoman for Russia. Ministry of Interior.

The boy turned out to be a 16-year-old teenager. He was not injured in the arrest. Employees of the Investigative Committee of Russia have filed criminal charges for using violence against a civil servant. Additionally, a number of protocols for traffic violations have been prepared.

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