VIDEO: A Russian priest tells how to "properly" kill Ukrainians: "Don't launch rockets without prayer"

Photo: Twitter

The Russian priest Andrei Tkachev gave a controversial speech in front of the faithful, in which he called for the bombing of Ukraine, but not without saying a prayer in front of the "Grad" rockets, with the phrase "Lord, have mercy", transmitted independent Russian media.

"Don't equip a (multi-barreled missile launcher, aka) 'City' package without a prayer." You put each "cigarette" and: "Lord, have mercy, Lord, have mercy, Lord, have mercy." And so on, and so on. Not because you want to, but because you have to," called the priest in the bizarre sermon.

Tkachev also explained to those listening to his sermon the "secret spiritual meaning" of the war in Ukraine. He called Russia "the only civilization that does not want to 'dance to the tune' of Western countries." According to him, Russia decided to impose its values ​​on Ukraine, and because of that, it launched an invasion of the neighboring country.

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