VIDEO| Russia admitted that the Ukrainian army conquered Liman! The Cossacks, LNR militia and the Russian army retreated outside the city

After 220 fierce battles with the Cuban Cossacks, the forces of the Donetsk and Luhansk separatists, the Ukrainian army managed to enter Krasny Limantachka around noon, the center of gravity around which the entire Ukrainian army was concentrated. A total of 12.000 of them against 4.000-5.000 Russian soldiers who resisted.

Three days ago, the city found itself in a de facto semi-encirclement and was threatened with a humanitarian disaster. In order to avoid bloodshed and a large number of human lives, the Russians retreated from the city to pre-prepared reserve positions, strengthened by the reinforcements that arrived.

Since the beginning of this week, the Ukrainian army has sent around 12.000 Ukrainian soldiers to cut the three sections of roads leading to the city of Liman, starting the final phase in this fierce battle with the Russian army.

The Ukrainian flag was raised at the western entrance to Liman at around 13pm local time, and Ukrainian military units entered the city itself as fighting continued in the eastern part of the city.

It is expected that the entire city and its surroundings will be in the hands of the Ukrainian army by the afternoon.

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