VIDEO | Rade Bogdanovic responded to Pixi: He doesn't know me? Let him remember the hotel by the Dojran lake

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The Serbian football analyst, Rade Bogdanovic he often attracts public attention with his comments, and now he answered the Serbian coach Dragan Stojkovic-Pixie who previously said about him that he did not know him.

Bogdanovic has often criticized Pixi before, and the Serbian coach obviously did not like his analysis. One of the last such statements was that Pixie did nothing despite having a monthly salary of 120.000 euros, while he also experienced a debacle in Qatar.

Serbia qualified for the European Championship, but in the qualifiers this team only beat Montenegro and Lithuania, so even here Bogdanović had room to criticize.

To such criticism Pixie responded curtly with: "Who is he?", probably trying to disparage Bogdanović and his theses. After such a comment, Bogdanovic tried to remind him of some situations in the past that are also related to Macedonia.

"One month before he fled Serbia, he came to Macedonia, to the Dojran lake to apply for a professional license and then go to Japan as a coach. He passed through a shortened and privileged procedure, and I happened to be starting to deal with the coaching profession at that time. We went 6-7 coaches and 3-4 lovers, we were put up in a hotel by the lake, and Pixie got a room right across from mine.

One day he went to take a shower, and no one told him that we don't have hot water because there is a restriction. I know he knows me well because he came out of the room with shampoo foam on his head and a towel around his waist and asked me: Bogdan, do we have hot water. "I told him that he wouldn't because of the restrictions from 8 a.m. to 18 p.m., so I know he knows me well," said Bogdanovic.


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