VIDEO | CIVIL report at 10 am: About 40 people are missing from the Voters' List in the penitentiary institutions

Xhabir Deralla
Xhabir Deralla / Photo: Screenshot, CIVIL media

The monitoring of CIVIL determined that today's voting of the persons in detention and serving a prison sentence started on time in all penitentiary institutions (Penitentiary Institution), except in the Idrizovo Penitentiary. Voting in the Idrizovo Penitentiary started at 8.20 am. CIVIL expressed hope that the administration and the Election Board in the Idrizovo Penitentiary will respect the principle according to which the voting in the polling stations should be continued for as long as the interruption, ie the delay lasted.

In CIVIL's monitoring of the KPU voting across the country, several other shortcomings were noted. In the Kumanovo Penitentiary, out of 56 people, only 38 are on the Voters' List. In the Bitola Penitentiary, 20 people are missing from the Voters' List.

At the beginning of the voting in the Penitentiary in Prilep and Bitola, the voters were not allowed to vote with the so-called "Home card", unlike all other penitentiaries where it was allowed. Around 9 o'clock, this problem has been overcome and now the voters in the Penitentiary in Prilep and Bitola can exercise their right to vote with a "home card", as in all other penitentiaries.

CIVIL will appear with the latest information and live, in the Election Report, starting at 13 pm on the Facebook page and the YouTube channel of the organization.

As always, CIVIL conducts the monitoring in cooperation with the citizens and calls on them to report violations of the election silence and other irregularities during the voting today and tomorrow.

CIVIL Election Report at 13 pm CIVIL will broadcast the new edition of Election Report (18) at 13 pm today (Saturday, October 16), live, on the Facebook page and on the CIVIL YouTube channel.

The media are welcome with prior notice, with maximum compliance with the Covid-19 protection protocols. CIVIL will provide conditions for physical presence of max. 4 news crews.

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Taken from CIVIL

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