VIDEO | Prof. Spasovska: EC warns of slow realization of investments in green energy, but with REK Bitola we provide minimum stability by producing electricity from our own sources

Hristina Spasovska / Morning briefing

Never when we talk about a transition, in this case a green energy transition, we should not see things in black and white. We must provide conditions for REK Bitola and TPP Oslomej to work at least during this transition to renewable energy sources. These giants have a large number of employees and the transition must take place in stages, ie the sociological priority must be observed, ie jobs must be found for these employees who work there.

-All new technologies in energy efficiency are new enough so some of the workers working in the field did not have the opportunity to meet in formal education. Our goal is to help them acquire this knowledge and to certify it, and thus to give a chance to all our workers to have a document that is their skills or what they know how to apply in the field. If they have such a diploma, they will be able to valorize their work more easily, says prof for the Utrinski briefing. Hristina Spasovska.

When it comes to different types of electricity generation they all have different implementation times. Are they windmills, are they solar panels… In our country, these investments are mostly from private capital. From an environmental point of view, we need to turn to both factories and industrial facilities that emit heavy toxins into the air. Not only the capacities for energy production are polluters, said for Utrinski briefing the vice-rector of UKIM, prof. Hristina Spasovska.

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