VIDEO | Prof. Dr. Markovic: Zaev and Kovacevski are drastically different, one was overly emotional the other is restrained

prof. Dr. Nenad Markovic
prof. Dr. Nenad Markovic / Morning briefing

The new government was elected last night in a relatively democratic atmosphere in the Parliament.

- I think that there was a de-escalation of the negative charge that it had after the local elections by the election of a new government in a relatively normal atmosphere. The fact that two votes were missing from the majority is not a problem, one may not agree with the personnel policy. And the opposition's job is to criticize, he told Morning briefing prof. Dr. Nenad Markovic.

The one who personalizes politics, Zoran Zaev, has somehow disappeared from the scene and now there is some de-escalation of the atmosphere, which may be good.

- Zaev and Kovacevski are completely different. I do not know if he was deliberately chosen because of that. Zaev had a dominant pathos to which some reacted with support, but to some it caused ridicule. However, Kovacevski is another type of politician. He finds it difficult to read emotions, difficult to read intentions and he is enigmatic. It is an enigma for the public and we will see how long it stays that way. The one who will deliver is important and the first impression is important. The first impression is not left twice. The first few brushes to take are crucial. Now Zaev and Filipce are gone, who were the most exposed and most exposed to criticism. In their place there are new figures and the negative charge disappears, says Markovic.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the opposition insists on qualifying Kovacevski as "Zaev's pawn".

Yesterday, the Left tried to emphasize that this is a betrayal of the Macedonian interests because 10 Albanian ministers and 11 Macedonian ministers are sitting in the new government. But not all Albanians in the government are from DUI.

-We are prone to counting blood cells. Apasiev was not bothered by the presence of Albanians when he wanted to overthrow the government. The fact is that every government is subject to negotiation. But we as citizens are not looking for ministers from a particular political party but successful ministers who can deliver. "We have not yet overcome the feeling of repulsion towards the other ethnicity because such an atmosphere has been created in the country," Markovic said.

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