VIDEO | The search continues for those missing in the terrible floods in Italy

Landslide on the Italian island of Ischia/Photo: EPA-EFE/CIRO FUSCO ITALY OUT

On the Italian island of Ischia, a search is still underway for a dozen people who disappeared in a landslide that killed one person and for whom the government will meet during the day.

A mudslide and debris caused by heavy rains hit the small town of Casamichiola Terme in the north of the island near Naples.

The rescue teams found the body of a woman, the services from Naples said. The woman has been identified, she was 31 years old, the AGI agency said. According to the Italian press, thirteen people were injured in the landslide.

Some people who were initially reported missing were eventually found, including a family with a newborn, authorities said. But during the afternoon nothing was known about the ten missing persons.

"We are afraid that there are more victims, but for now the number of victims is that," confirmed the spokesman of the fire service, Luka Tsari.

The search was hampered by constant rain and strong winds, which delayed the ferry that brought help.

Due to landslides, mud covers the streets, knocks down trees and carries cars all the way to the sea.

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