VIDEO | Pristina published a video in which it claims that the vice-president of Srpska lista was with the attackers near Banjska

Banjska Monastery, Kosovo: Photo: Rashko-Prizren Diocese

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, Djeljal Svechlja, released a video that he claims is from the vice-president of the Srpska Lista party, Milan Radoicic, among the group of attackers in Banjska, reports Serbian N1.

"Radoicic was the leader of this terrorist group and the attack in which police officer Afrim Bunjaku was killed. This is another proof of his terrorist activity. The vice-president of Srpska Lista is the leader of the terrorist attack and the group of terrorists," the Kosovo minister wrote on Facebook.

He accused the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, of being behind what he called the "terrorist action against the legal and constitutional order of Kosovo" through Srpska lista and Radoicic.

"So Srpska lista sees its participation in Kosovo only in a terrorist way. They failed," Svechlja added.

According to him, the declaration of the Day of Mourning in Serbia and by the Serbian List in the Serbian communities in Kosovo is a "stamp of the authorship of this organization".

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