VIDEO | Carriers with a message: Shame on the mayor, she left us without bread!

Protest of private bus operators / Photo: Sloboden pechat/Metodi Zdraev

We are honest people who have invested in everything we have, are self-employed, pay taxes regularly, and now we have found ourselves in a situation where some of us have not received a salary for six months. Shame on the mayor! This was stated by the private bus operators who are currently protesting in front of the JSP "Skopje" headquarters, where they have gathered and are demanding a meeting with the head of the company, Aleksandar Stojkovski.

- A few days ago, we asked for an appointment with the mayor, Danela Arsovska, but we were not accepted. That's why we came here in a cultured and civilized manner to ask the director of JSP "Skopje" to tell us, as the most competent, why he doesn't pay us, according to the contract, and why he allowed such a debt to accumulate in the past months - Kemal Murić told "Utrinski Pechat" " on Slobodna TV.

According to Murić, the carriers are visibly outraged after Arsovska's last press conference, and he pointed out that they are literally horrified by the untruths about the so-called ticket sales without fiscal receipts.

- All of us, and all of our transport users, know that from the very beginning the fiscal devices that JSP mounted and installed for us do not work either in private buses or in JSP buses. JSP has full control over the tickets. From production, from distribution to their points, but also collection. Therefore, we nicely said that we demand from the collection that our part be paid to us. So we have not been paid. Unfortunately, the mayor did not find time to receive us. Unlike her, today we have a meeting with the coordinators of all advisory groups of the City of Skopje, to whom we will present our problem - they are decisive.

According to the drivers of the buses of "Sloboda Vervez" and "Makexpress", the mayor is trying to create discord between them, instead of finding a solution to the problem that has arisen.

- We see that the mayor wants to create a rift between the carriers and their representatives with her statement. That's another embarrassing thing. Shame on the mayor, for whom we did our best at the time. Macedonia is a democratic country, we have the right to associate and form companies and participate as we wish. If we didn't have that trust, we wouldn't have functioned decades and decades ago, the way we function. The sets of mayors and local authorities changed and we functioned without a problem until this mayor came and started making such statements. It's a shame! Shame on all carriers! – said Muric.

They also complained at the protest that the due debt that JSP "Skopje" has towards them will reach 2 million euros in a few days.

- They left us without bread. We can't take bread home. You know what that means! Honest people who have invested ourselves, employed ourselves and look what he wants to do to us, we will not allow it! - commented the carriers indignantly.

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