VIDEO | "Cute": A cat asks to be watered like a plant

Photo: Printscreen / Reddit

A cat named Ellie, who likes to be watered like a plant, delighted the users of social networks.

The video posted on Reddit with the title "My cat asks me to water it like a plant" became very popular and in less than 24 hours it collected over 10 thousand likes and numerous comments. The 13-second video begins with a brown cat meowing while standing in front of a plant in the yard.

"What do you want? Do you want me to water you?" asks the owner of the cat, then takes the watering can and pours water on it. The cat obviously liked it very much and immediately began to rejoice.

The video delighted many users, and many of them commented on the cat's unusual enjoyment of the water.

"This little kitten loves a bath, I love her reaction", "Catkus", "Spectacular", "How adorable", "Definitely crazy", "Cats that like water are very rare, the only one I've seen is grandma," wrote enthusiastic users.

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