VIDEO PREMIERE | "Politicians" of "Free Press", Navalny's death as an occasion: Can freedom everywhere and always be interpreted in only one way?


In the latest edition of, Sasho Ordanoski and Borjan Jovanovski discussed - and clashed - about the social contract and freedom, and the reason for the conversation was the tragic death of the Russian oppositionist, who turned into a dissident, Alexei Navalny.

What is the reason for the urge to rule with a "firm hand" in Russia, but also in many other countries of the world? Why do the people tolerate it, and even desire it? How to understand the "Russian soul" outside the Western perspective? Is it easier to let go free of the freedom to be responsible for yourself and your future? They were part of the dilemmas to which the hosts presented their theses and opinions in today's edition of Politikanti.

Navalny, a man whose death shocked every decent person, was the first topic on which Ordanoski analyzed how this Russian opposition leader lived and worked in the era of Putin.

- One cannot remain indifferent to a human story such as the life story of Alexei Navalny, the man whose death shook every decent person on the planet. He was a man who was the only one who - against his own interests - opposed Vladimir Putin and who could be considered to be his only real political opponent who could pull so many people behind him - Ordanoski pointed out.

In this podcast, Sasho Ordanoski and Borjan Jovanovski talked about the fact that there is no opposition in today's Russia anyway, but the tradition of dissidence in Russia has existed for a long time. According to the hosts, Navalny turned from an oppositionist into a dissident, which in the Russian context has a special meaning.

Even his death is in the hands of the state, in the hands of Putin, with her actions and his. He was never a person who would pass in Russian politics, although he surprised with the number of votes with the mayoral candidacy. But anyway, there must not be any kind of opponent of Putin, even if he was in prison somewhere far away in Siberia.

It is a great act that his wife agreed to continue his journey. But neither he nor she can topple Putin's regime. Putin's regime will fall from within, from the circles around him, not from the people themselves, were the thoughts of the hosts of the Politicians podcast.

In today's edition of the podcast, among other things, it was discussed how to understand the "Russian soul" outside the Western perspective, what is the reason for the urge for a "firm hand"? but also for many other global topics that interest the domestic public.

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