VIDEO PREMIERE | "Politicians" on "Sloboden pechat", presidential episode: SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE once agreed - president only in immediate elections


In the latest edition of, Sasho Ordanoski and Borjan Jovanovski discussed that the campaign for the presidential elections has unofficially started, although signatures are still being collected for the potential presidential candidates. As the hosts of the Politicians podcast say, although it is not yet known how many will be on the ballot, the general impression is that the presidential candidates live in another, past time, the time before the many whose votes they are looking for were born.

In addition, part of the dilemmas of Ordanoski and Jovanovski are what the local "folklore" dictates in such election occasions, because the joker of nationalism is always pulled out of the sleeve.

Hence, the question arises whether it is good to make constitutional changes and elect the president in the Parliament instead of in general elections? Will such party bargaining, which is mostly bargaining, bring a president with integrity and reputation. What are the experiences in European countries? Do they prefer a puppet president or a president with legitimacy, are some of the questions that the hosts tried to give a clearer picture.

In the podcast, they also addressed our experiences with presidents. What was the role of Boris Trajkovski?

How did the comedian Zelensky, elected president in immediate elections and without any special expectations from the Ukrainians, pull off the joke and become an essential part of Ukraine's survival? On the other hand, does Russian President Putin realize that Russia is already defeated?

About this and much more in the new edition of the podcast "" on Sloboden Pechat.

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