VIDEO PREMIERE | "Politicians" on "Sloboden Pechat", as if the elections were last weekend: The parties have nothing new to say


In the new edition of the "Politicians" podcast, Sasho Ordanoski and Borjan Jovanovski deal with several interconnected political-economic topics, where the current campaign for the presidential and parliamentary elections is a regular spice, which is so pointless that if he wasn't a journalist there would be no reason why to follow her, and everyone else would be overjoyed if the elections were last weekend.

While the candidates for future positions are fighting, the report of the former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta came out these days in which he states that nothing is the same in the world after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, nor will it ever be. But the report unequivocally states that there will be an expansion of the EU and on the basis of that fact Leta makes all assessments about the future of international relations and the economy of the Union. How and does the Western Balkans fit in here?

Macedonia is a country that does not produce anything. There is only enough pork, but the feed for the pigs is imported. Hence, we cannot feed ourselves without help from outside, especially from the EU. And the monopolies in large industries do not like Macedonia joining the EU. The EU does not even respond to manufacturers who produce cheap and low-quality products for the Balkan market. What will the entry of the country into the EU mean for the Macedonian citizen from an economic point of view?

Analytical about these things and much more in the new edition of the "" podcast.

Sasho Ordanoski and Borjan Jovanovski, together with the entire team of "", express their sincere condolences to the family and friends of our director Anton Andov, who died suddenly and too soon.

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