VIDEO PREMIERE | "Politicians" on "Sloboden Pechat", guest Nikola Todorov: Go out and vote - it's important, because the census will not be reached


Nikola Todorov, lawyer, former Minister of Health and Education, who decided to retire from politics in 2017. Why and how - he explains in the latest edition of the "Politicians" podcast. Sasho Ordanoski and Borjan Jovanovski discuss with him the combinatorics for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. Why is Todorov considered that we are in danger of not electing a president and not being able to form a government? How will Mickoski swallow the dumpling if he has to form a coalition with DUI?

Todorov is afraid of the radical views of Vankovska and Levica – is Vankovska an attempt to attract the older voting body?

Why does Todorov believe that VMRO will have an easy victory against SDSM in IE 3 and 4, but it is a smaller victory than before?

Why is it better to approve the constitutional amendments now, than to procrastinate, having the experience with the Prespa Agreement?

About this and much more in the new edition of the "" podcast on "Sloboden Pechat".


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