VIDEO PREMIERE | "Politicians" on "Sloboden Pechat", guest Marjan Gjorchev: We built relations with Bulgaria on the silent truths, the Prespa agreement pulled the trigger


Marjan Gjorchev, MP, former minister, former ambassador and businessman is a guest in today's edition of "Politicians", Sasho Ordanoski and Borjan Jovanovski spoke with one of the veterans of VMRO-DPMNE about how the party chose a presidential candidate, about relations with Bulgaria and the possible ways to solve this burning issue, as well as the comparison with the Prespa Agreement.

Did the Good Neighbor Agreement destroy the chances of Macedonia and Bulgaria finding a common language? How will the eventual government of VMRO-DPMNE deal with the constitutional amendments? Is history solved by politics and why the existence of the historical commission is a problem for VMRO-DPMNE are the questions that the hosts and the guest tried to answer.

About this and much more in the new edition of the podcast on Sloboden Pechat.

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