VIDEO PREMIERE | "Politicians" on "Sloboden Pechat", guest Ljupco Popovski: If it (un)officially renounces the EU, Macedonia will go backwards


Ljupco Popovski, a long-time journalist, editor and extraordinary analyst and expert on the situation in the European Union, was a guest in today's edition of the "" podcast. Since Borjan Jovanovski called directly from Brussels with new "dramatic" moments from the European Parliament, it was left for Sasho Ordanoski together with Popovski to search the "European" affairs there, as well as the "Macedonian" affairs here.

After Jovanovski reported that there was a drama in the European Parliament during the voting of the so-called Migrant package by exerting pressure on MPs to vote for it, while also conveying the news that the Belgian Prime Minister announced that Russia is massively bribing MEPs, Ordanoski and Popovski had no choice but to conclude that we have seen this "drama" at home.

Another thing that is seriously similar in both European and domestic political currents is the strengthening of the extreme right. What does it mean for Europe vis-à-vis the European elections? How will that affect us vis-à-vis our choices? Can Macedonia expect something more favorable for its European path after this European vote? Will Viktor Orbán's presidency of Hungary with the Union from July 1 have an impact on our European ambitions?

If we unofficially abandon the European path, has anyone thought about the economic consequences? If an amendment to the Constitution is under Bulgarian dictation, will not a declaration of Bulgarian origin for a passport be under Bulgarian dictation? Popovski says that requests for Bulgarian passports will undoubtedly double in such a case.

Analytical about these things and much more in the new edition of the podcast "" on "Sloboden Pechat".

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