VIDEO: Death of wild boars will be reported through the application, the presence of African plague will be examined

Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The Food and Veterinary Agency is preparing an application for reporting dead or shot wild boars, intended primarily for hunters who are in direct contact with wild boars, in order to facilitate easier recording of the possible presence of African plague in the country. It is part of the campaign that European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) started last year to raise awareness of the disease in Southeast Europe.

-Samples of these pigs are taken to a laboratory for testing for the presence of African plague and trichinosis, which is also transmitted to humans. We have not detected a single case of African plague, but we must be very careful, because in several of the neighboring countries this virus has been registered, which is very easy to spread between animals. That is why we are intensifying the cooperation with the border services, which do not allow the import of any meat products in the country, something that Macedonian citizens often do for economic reasons. On the other hand pweapons that the African swine fever epidemic could have such devastating consequences, detection, prevention and reporting are key if we are to eradicate the disease, says Nikolce Babovski, director of the FVA.

He stressed that the outbreak of swine fever would be detrimental to the economy, as it would lead to mass extinction of animals from pig farms. which will lead to a huge loss of pig farms.

- This is a kind of pandemic that has appeared on European soil but also in other countries beyond Europe. But the danger comes from close countries with which we often cooperate. African swine fever has been reported in Serbia, Bulgaria, and one case in northern Greece, but the outbreak has been closed. However, it should be noted that this disease is not transmitted to humans or other domestic animals, Babovski explains.

Зand African plague has no cure or vaccine to prevent the disease.

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