VIDEO | Festive magic: Victoria Loba decorated the Christmas tree

Photo: Instagram/Viktoria Loba

Slowly, but surely, the festive euphoria begins to set in and each of us already starts thinking about how to decorate the home before the New Year and the celebration of the Christmas holidays.

Victoria Loba is one of the first Macedonian celebrities who showed us her Christmas tree and took us into her home for a moment, at least through a video on the Instagram social network.

This year, the singer opted for a natural Christmas tree, which she decorated with red decorations and golden lights. Of course, decorating wouldn't be as much fun without her pets Masha и Mila.

By the way, Loba has always emphasized that this festive period is the happiest of the year for her.

"New Year's holidays still have that magic from my childhood, so I can't wait for this season of fun and new beginnings to come. In Russia for the New Year, people often dress up, give each other gifts that they leave under the Christmas tree. In my family, we always said how we will welcome the New Year like that and it will be for us, that's why New Year's Eve was always the happiest holiday for us," she told "Nezavisen" a few years ago.

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