VIDEO | A famous singer recorded a provocative music video in a church: The believers are furious, and the priest is punished

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The former Disney star, Sabrina Carpenter (24) made a provocative music video for her new song "Feather", which upset Catholics. Pastor Jamie Gigantiello, who allowed the singer to record in the church, was fined immediately after the video was published, writes The New York Times.

In the music video for the song "Feather", the singer danced in front of the altar wearing a short black tulle dress. In the song, she sings about toxic relationships and concludes that without such men in her life, she "feels light as a feather." At the end of the video, pastel coffins with the men who died earlier in the video are placed on the altar.

The video was released three weeks ago, for Halloween, and immediately caused negative reactions among the faithful of the Diocese of Brooklyn, due to the fact that it was filmed in a church.

"Bishop Robert Brennan is appalled by what was filmed at the Church of the Annunciation in Brooklyn. "The parish did not follow diocesan policy regarding filming on church property, which includes reviewing scenes and scripts," the statement said.

The faithful were appalled, so Bishop Brennan had to hold a reparation mass. Not long after, Reverend Gigantiello was stripped of all administrative duties.

Following this unfortunate event, the chastened priest apologized on the church's Facebook page, calling the music video a "disgraceful display."

"I didn't know what was being filmed," he wrote.

He explained that there was a communication problem with the producers of the video. Namely, they allegedly did not specify what kind of video would be shot and only stated that it was a project with Sabrina Carpenter.

Gigantiello searched for the young singer on the Internet, and since he found nothing objectionable about her, he allowed filming. He promised to donate the profits from the video to the Center for the Support of Women at Risk Pregnancy in New York.

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