VIDEO| Fire in Qatar near Lusail Stadium and fan camp

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In the fan village in Qatar at the World Cup near Lusail Stadium, a dramatic situation occurred when a fire broke out, the media reports.

As "Daily Mail" reports, a large thick smoke rose, and it has not yet been determined how the fire started.

The media reported that a building caught fire in the fan village "North Ketaifan Island", and firefighters are currently putting out the fire.

The fire broke out in a fan village called "North Ketaifan Island", while authorities said firefighters had "controlled" the blaze in the building and no injuries were reported. And in Qatar they tried to "dissuade" the fans, however, a video on social networks showed that the fire was visible from a great distance.

The photos that have emerged also show that in the city of Lusail there are tents that could easily be engulfed by the fire in the worst case scenario.

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